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/ How can I benefit from the productive use of my system?

Mobisol likes to empower: You are encouraged to become an entrepreneur by charging your neighbors’ phones. As well as this, we reward those recommending our system and services through a KSH 2,000 commission for every new customer who made their purchase decision based on your recommendation.

/ Will I own my system after it has been paid down completely?

Yes. Rent-to-own means you will own your Solar Home System and appliances after having paid it off completely. Consequently after payment completion, you will receive your official ownership certificate. Goodbye bills, welcome independent power source!


/ How can I pay for my system?

Payments are made easy via M-PESA or Airtel Money. Our payments plans are flexible and come in affordable rates, to allow everybody to benefit from our solar home systems. Relatives abroad can support their loved ones at home using different payment schemes. No need to wait or queue: Mobisol guarantees fast, easy and hustle-free payment. We grant you a 48-month loan for the payment of your solar system.


/ What happens if my system does not work?

In case your Solar Home System is not working, you can call our customer service team via 0730 755 000 or 0709 057 000. We are proud to state that so far 98% of all issues have been solved via phone in real-time. In the rare occasion your problem cannot be solved immediately, we will arrange an appointment with one of our technicians, who will come by your home and take care of the necessary repair steps, free of charge.

/ Does my system and my appliances come with warranty?

Mobisol guarantees a 4-year warranty on our SHS (solar controller, battery and panel) and one year warranty on all appliances (cables, switches, phone charging kit, TVs, torch). Additionally Mobisol offers you customer care via our service hotline as well as technical assistance from our local staff. We are proud to guarantee you best quality and German engineering. We care for you.

/ How long does it take to get my solar system?

Once you made the decision to benefit from a Mobisol system, our (tele)sales force will kindly ask you to fill out our customer qualification sheet. You will need to be in possession of a land certificate and a national ID. In case you cannot supply any of those documents, a relative can step in and take care of all necessary formalities on your behalf. Once eligible, your system will be prepared immediately by our tech staff and is ready for pick-up in the closest MobiShop.


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